• What Good News Will This Morning Bring?

    What Good News Will This Morning Bring?

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    “What Good News Will This Morning Bring” is a beautifully conceived, thoughtful work filled with sensitive timbres and insightful lyrics. It deserves a deep listening.”
    Richard Bitting, Composer


    As Far As Our Eyes Could See

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    About Night Owl

    Rob Mohan is a Cincinnati-based musician who has been performing across different genres for well over a decade. His latest project, Night Owl was first developed while living in San Francisco as a means to release a collection of acoustic songs. Relocating to Cincinnati, he continues to play under the Night Owl moniker. As a solo musician, he relies heavily on open tunings to create a deep rich presence behind introspective lyrics with a style that has been compared to the likes of John Fahey and M. Ward.

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